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Green Onyx Tower Party

Green Onyx Tower Party

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Green Onyx Towers -

Tower 1 - 5"T x 1"W.

Tower 2 - 3 1/2"T x 1"W

Tower 3 - 3 1/2"T x 3/8"W

Tower 4 - 3 1/8"T x 3/8"W

Healing properties of Green Onyx:

Green Onyx has a calming quality that will come in handy in complex and uncertain circumstances. It will provide you with physiological, intellectual, and psychic relaxation. Green Onyx's hue represents your mental strength and intellect. Furthermore, it will improve your awareness, intellect, and communication ability.

Green Onyx will also help you boost your interpersonal communication abilities. It will motivate you to express your feelings and opinions. Green Onyx can also treat various face, hair, eyesight, and chest ailments. It can also help you manage your pulse rate and heal your stomach.


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